An ever-changing competitive Portal playthrough.

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Rule 7

You may start with any sensitivity you like and are not allowed to change your sensitivity except as directed by the rest of this rule. After each loading zone and before starting the next level you must do all of the following:

  1. Run a fair (all outcomes are equally likely) integer random number generator between 0 and 10, inclusive. You can only use the first random value generated after each loading zone; going through the same loading zone again does not allow a new number to be generated and used. Accidentally generating another value does not fail you, but you cannot use it.
  2. If the value is more than 3 you must add that value to your current Mouse Sensitivity.
  3. If the value is more than 4 you must turn off Reverse Mouse Direction.
  4. If the value is less than 5, you must turn on Reverse Mouse Direction.
  5. If the value is 0, you are allowed to change your sensitivity at that moment to any value you desire. While you are still in the same level, if you regret setting it to the value you did, you can either restart that level (in which you got the 0) and set it to a new arbitrary value or you can opt out of the change and put it back to it's original value without restarting.