Lebron James celebrating the defeat of DA MONSTAR -- July 19th, 2021

Over the July 16th weekend, we ran a server-wide event for the new hit movie Space Jam: A New Legacy. We ran contests, had public audiobook listenings, and ended long play-sessions with Conga dances up and down ctf_hoops. Let's go over some stats that we gathered over the weekend:

Battle of Da Monstar, taken moments before the camera man was torn to shreds -- July 19th, 2021

This is one of our favorite parts of the event -- statistics! We set up an (admittedly too long) survey for you to fill out about the event and we would love your feedback! There is also a section about some very specific questions about the server's general health, but those questions are completely optional! We would really love your input about how the event was handeled, as well as what we can do in the future to make your FREAKSERVER experience the best it can be!

Oh, so that's how you get it?

Completing the survey will award you with a Photo Badge commemorating the FREAKSERVER Space Jam event! At the end of the survey, you'll get asked to enter your Steam ID URL, and afterwards we'll send a trade offer/friend request! Please note: this is while supplies last, so be sure to fill it out before they all dissappear!

=>CLICK HERE to do the survey!<=


We hope you enjoyed some of the ~WACKY~ SaySounds during the event! We're keeping assistance, and we'll be retiring slam, jam, woowoo, basketball, and getthatshit (nobody used that last one). We GREATLY recommend deleting the folder we installed in your base Team Fortress 2 folder. You can find that at:

steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\download\sound\freaksaysound

Just go ahead and delete that whole thing -- you'll redownload the sounds we still have on the server when you rejoin, as well as any new ones we decide to add. We love SaySounds, but we also don't want to overload you with sound files. Remember to fill out that survey if you have a strong opinion about those, by the way.

Alright, alright -- we hear you. "Get to the winners of the dang cosmetic giveaways already!" is what you're probably screaming at your monitor right now. You're most likely furiously banging away at your keyboard, frantically retyping mispelled words, as you desperately and pathetically write a heart-wrenching email to titled "Why I Will Personally Fire Bomb Your House If You Don't Announce the Winners". Drool frothing through your teeth, escaping your chapped lips, begging to be given the answers to your weekend's toil. Well, you'll have to wait a bit for the final tally! Actually, that's a lie -- we totally know who won everything. We'll be reaching out to those who won something soon! (please check your friend requests)

What a gosh darn weekend of fun that was! The Big WB has slowed down on throwing bricks through our windows with thinly veiled "threats" on them, so I think we can safely say we won! The battle isn't over yet, though -- there's still plenty more FREAKSERVER to come, so please stay tuned for our next ambiguously legal server event!

We were all blown away by the response to this event -- we had a consistently full server during peak hours which we never thought would happen. From everyone at FREAKSERVER: thank you so much for hopping on this weekend and having fun with us! All of the admins are pretty much in agreeance that we should do more stuff like this, so as long as yall are still playing we'll try to set up events like this in the future! If you have any feedback or ideas, please fill out the survey we mentioned above, or email -- we'd love to hear what you think!

Thanks again for playing on FREAKSERVER, and be sure to check out the new hit movie Space Jam: A New Legacy in theaters July 16, 2021!

For real, we aren't affiliated with Warner Bros. Cannot make this any more clear.